Barf Bags Full of Airline Issued Peanuts are food items used by Chris to represent safety from elimination during Barf Bag Ceremonies in Total Drama World Tour. They are the Total Drama World Tour counterparts of marshmallows in Total Drama Island and the Gilded Chris Award in Total Drama Action. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, Chris will hand out Barf Bags normally, until he gets to the final two. When it comes to the final barf bag full of airline issued peanuts, Chris often has some dialogue, relating to what will happen if the contestant does not receive a barf bag, and then gives out the final barf bag, often with a dramatic pause in between. The contestant who does not receive a barf bag full of peanuts is eliminated and must take the Drop of Shame.

The barf bags were first introduced by Chris in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 (Part 1) as Chris gives the contestants a tour of their living quarters. Aidan and Aria expressed their disgust at the moldy snack food, but Chris opted to ignore them. The barf bags made their second appearance in the second half of the season premier, during Team Equality's first elimination ceremony. Georgie, Jamie, and Aria were all given barf bags, while Zane and Xena were in the bottom two.  In the end, Chris gave Zane the final barf bag, and Xena took the Drop of Shame.

The barf bags appeared a third time at the conclusion of Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, at which time the members of Team Einstein were at risk of elimination.  Shaylie was denied a barf bag, but remained in the competition after throwing Lucian out of the plane in her stead.

Team Incredible Chris attended their first Barf Bag Ceremony after the challenge in the YukonXavier and Jerome found themselves in the bottom two, and several team members were shocked when Xavier received the final bag.

The barf bags made a brief cameo in the first aftermath of the season.  Clips from previous episodes' elimination ceremonies were shown, displaying the elimination results up to that point.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Team Einstein attended their first Barf Bag Ceremony of the season, making them the first team to do so.  Deylanie was exempt from elimination, leaving only two barf bags for distribution.  The bags went to Walter and Viktoriya, thereby eliminating Shaylie from the competition for good.

The barf bags appeared again during the second half of the Amazon episode.  The members of Team Incredible Chris were in attendance, with barf bags going to all five members.  Evidently, the challenge had been a reward challenge, and nobody would be sent home.