Aftermath Commentator
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Friends Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Duncan, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Katie, Leshawna, Lindasy, Owen, Trent, Tyler
Enemies Courtney, Chef Hatchet,
Devon Joseph "DJ", labeled The Gentle Giant, was a contestant on the first two seasons of Total Drama where he was on the Killer Bass and later, the Screaming Gaffers. He did not compete in the third season. He is currently a commentator on the aftermath show, along with the original twenty-two contestants.


Total Drama World TourEdit

DJ did not qualify to compete on the show's third season, having been deemed "useless" by Chris following the events of the reunion special that had aired two years prior.  Despite the fact that he would not be a competitor, DJ was brought back as one of twenty veteran commentators for the Total Drama Aftermath.

DJ was first seen in Aftermath I: Return of the Aftermath, sitting in the peanut gallery with his fellow veterans.  When Geoff asked the commentators what how they had been spending their time since their participation on the previous season, DJ answered that he had kept himself occupied with a cooking show, which he co-hosted with his mother.  Noah reminded DJ that eight people had died, courtesy of the show, and DJ asked him not to mention that again, still visibly distressed by the memory.

During Lucian's interview, Lucien mentioned his hobby as a DJ.  Lindsay mentioned that Lucien was "talking to [him]."  DJ assumed that Lindsay was referring to him - given his nickname - but was confused when he realized that Lindsay had been talking to Tyler.

Jerome was brought out after Lucian's interview was finished, and Geoff asked the special guests, as well as the commentators, which of the remaining competitors they would like to win the season.  DJ said that he would like Jamie to win, thinking that the money should go to somebody nice.

After everyone had revealed who they wanted to win, Jerome joined Lucian in a duet, which was met with intense applause from the audience.  As the stage began to overflow with bras and other assorted undergarments thrown from the adoring fans, Geoff and Bridgette wrapped up the episode, and DJ left along with the other commentators.