Team Einstein
Gender Female
Hair color Black with Green Highlights
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated I See London
Place 11th
Relationship Aidan
Family Mother, Father (names unknown)
Friends Daniel, Georgie, Viktoriya, Walter
Enemies Shaylie

Deylanie Valencia, labeled the Hot Party Animal, was a competitor on Total Drama World Tour.  She became the first member of Team Einstein after placing seventh in the second episode's challenge. She was born in New Orleans, Her Parents are Peruvian-American and African-American. She was born 1994 into a nice family with her twin brother Damien Jameson Valencia and her little sister Deandra Juliette Valencia. She has severe issues with her father with him wanting her to become a doctor, and her mother is understanding of her life style because thats how she used to be when she was a teenager. Her birthday is April 25 and she has a big birthday bash every year. She hopes that the people she meets wont be complete downers.


Audition TapeEdit

Audition tape: *You see Deylanie at a party and she is dancing with a crowd surrounding her and chanting her name*

Deylanie: Sup TD! My names Deylanie, but everyone calls me Deyla! you should pick me for Total Drama, because, I'm smart, fun, and really loyal. I may have some slight temper problems and a bit of an attitude but, all that means is higher ratings so pick me to succeed!"

*a glass breaks in the background*

Deylanie: "Anthony I swear to god if that was you again I will kick you in your neck!" She rages and storms off camera knocking it over and causing it to fuzz.


Deylanie is 5'4 and is light skinned, she has big green eyes which she wear eyeliner on. She is popular amongst most boys due to her curves with a large chest, thin waist, round wide hips, and a "bubble butt" that shows off through her tights. She also has long wavy black hair with green highlights. She has tattoos on her lower back and right wrist. On her lower back its a green heart tangled in vines and on her wrist is says "Live a Life of No Regrets"


  • Deylanie was created by fanfiction user, Coderrafan4.
  • Deylanie was the first female of the new cast to form a relationship.
  • She has a twin brother named Damien.
  • Deylanie was born om April 25th in 1994