Team Equality
Toxic Rats
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated TDWT: N/A
TDRI: Truth or Laser Shark
Place TDWT: 1st
TDRI: 14th
Family Robyn (mother), four younger siblings (names and genders unknown)
Friends Aidan, Aria, Daniel, Georgie, Holly, Jerome, Lucian, Walter, Xavier
Enemies Emma, Viktoriya, Zane
Submitted by JamieAmI
Jamie Antonio Guerrero, labeled the Aspiring Author, is currently an active competitor on Total Drama World Tour.  In the second episode of the season, Jamie was the twelfth contestant to complete the challenge, placing him on Team Equality.


Audition TapeEdit



  • Jamie was created by fanfiction user, Jamie am I, the story's main lyricist.
  • Jamie is the first Total Drama contestant to be confirmed gay; it was stated in his bio.
  • As of Greece's Pieces, Jamie holds the record for the most single-handed victories for his team, with a total of three: his commercial won his team the victory in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, he found the gold in The Am-AH-Zon Race, and also won the tie-breaker challenge in Greece's Pieces.
  • Although he is an author by trade, Jamie has also demonstrated a bizarre assortment of other talents, including cooking and yoga.  Jamie's creator, Jamie am I, off of whom Jamie is based, found both of these talents funny, as he "cannot cook for crap, and [has] the athletic abilities of a sea cucumber."
  • Based off of the events of Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Jamie apparently has his driver's license and is the only contestant, thus far, confirmed to own one.
  • Also based off on the information presented in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Jamie has sworn his allegiance to Hufflepuff House (from the Harry Potter series) and has an account on Tumblr.
  • Of the new contestants, Jamie is one of three to have a cleft chin, the others being Georgie and Xavier.
  • Despite being the "aspiring author" of the season, Jamie's penchant for writing has been referenced very few times over the course of the season, and his tactic of taking notes on his arms - as stated in his bio - was omitted completely.